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Solid parquet flooring is one of the most effective floor materials in the construction and decoration sector and it is a product that will not throw you a curve with its quality.

Solid parquet is not only a type of parquet but also an aesthetic standard as it is evaluated by comparing other wooden floorings with it. Unlike other floor materials, solid parquet is a status and a symbol of excellence. Due to its heat and sound insulation, ans as it can be scraped, it has been in the forefront of our preferences for years.

  Solid parquet provides a unique warmth, reliability and durability sense in where it is furnished. This impression is not possible with other floor coverings. In addition to its aesthetic superiority, it also makes a significant contribution to the real estate value of the estate in which the solid parquet is applied. 

In addition to all these advantages, different wood types, different quality classes, different varnish alternatives give the solid parquet more appearance and color alternatives than almost any other flooring.

As YILPAR, we are proud to present this made-to-last material, which can serve for generations without losing its beauty and feature, with the assurance of our company.